Whether you’re a manga fan looking for a new profile picture or you want to match with your friends, manga-themed matching profile pictures are a fun way to show off your friendship level. Here are over 50 best manga matching PFP ideas for anime lovers, couples and friend groups:

Diego Brando (Best JoJos Villain) Pfps

Time to Have a Blast with Diego Brando’s Epic Manga Matching Profile Pictures – a Nod to the Most Admired Villain in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Ruby Hoshino Manga Matching Icons

Discover a Collection of Matching Manga Icons of Starring Ruby Hoshino.

Nakano Nino Manga Matching Avatars

Nakano Nino Anime-inspired avatars are a trendy and fun way to express your personality online. With a wide range of customizable options, you can create a unique avatar that truly represents you. Whether you’re a fan of anime, gaming, or just want to stand out in the virtual world, these offer endless possibilities. Show off your style and make a lasting impression with these eye-catching manga-style profile pics.

Chuuya Nakahara (Bungo Stray Dogs) Pfps Matching

Yo, meet Chuuya Nakahara – the absolute legend from “Bungo Stray Dogs.” Fans worldwide are totally vibing with this dude. His style, that fiery red hair, and his fierce vibes? All the cool kids are matching their PFPs with him. It’s a total nod to how awesome “Bungo Stray Dogs” is!

Rui and Nene Matching Icons

Hey, all you Rui and Nene enthusiasts out there! Guess what? We’ve stumbled upon something seriously cool for you both. Check out this awesome “Rui and Nene Manga Matching Icons.” It’s loaded with options for your matching pfps, whether you want something sweet, fun, or just super adorable. Go on, give it a peek, and rock those matching manga profile avatars like the awesome duo you are!

Hori Pfps from Horimiya

Show your love for Hori from Horimiya with Hori Pfps. These profile pictures capture her style and character for fans to enjoy.

Boys x Boys Manga Pfps Matching

Lastly, if you and all your friends are boys, check out these Boys Manga Matching profile pictures. They feature different characters from your favorite BL manga.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are matching PFPs for?

Matching PFPs, or profile pictures, are used to showcase relationships, friendships, and shared interests on social media platforms. They are a way for individuals to visually express their connection and bond with someone else. By using matching PFPs, people can show that they are in a relationship, are best friends, or have a close connection with someone else. These PFPs are often inspired by anime couples and best friends, as they are popular choices for displaying affection and admiration. It is important to note that matching PFPs are typically used on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Discord and Reddit, but not on professional sites like LinkedIn and MS Teams.

What is the most shipped anime couple?

The most shipped anime couple refers to the couple that fans are most enthusiastic about and wish to see together. It is subjective and can vary depending on personal preferences and the popularity of different anime series. Some popular examples of highly shipped anime couples include Naruto and Hinata from “Naruto,” Kirito and Asuna from “Sword Art Online,” and Eren and Mikasa from “Attack on Titan.” The most shipped anime couple can change over time as new anime series gain popularity and introduce new romantic relationships.

Who is the cutest anime couple?

Determining the cutest anime couple is subjective and can vary from person to person. There are numerous adorable anime couples that fans adore. Some examples of cute anime couples include Usagi and Mamoru from “Sailor Moon,” Edward and Winry from “Fullmetal Alchemist,” and Kiki and Tombo from “Kiki’s Delivery Service.” Ultimately, the cutest anime couple is a matter of personal preference and can depend on factors such as chemistry, character development, and overall story appeal.

Which anime has best couple?

The anime series with the best couple is also subjective and can vary depending on individual opinions. Some anime series known for their well-developed and beloved couples include “Clannad,” “Toradora!,” “Your Lie in April,” and “Kimi ni Todoke.” These series are praised for their realistic portrayals of relationships, emotional depth, and strong character dynamics. The best anime couple often resonates with viewers due to their compelling story arcs, relatable struggles, and genuine connection.


With so many manga and anime to inspire you, putting matching manga PFPs or avatars with your loved ones is a cuty way to showcase your shared interests and bond. I hope these ideas help get you started! Let me know if you have any other questions. If you’re looking for more matching profile pictures on different type of categories, emotions or the latest ones, make sure to follow us on Pinterest. Feel free to reach out if you have any other suggestions or submit them by visiting here.